1. Application

The following general terms of delivery apply for all services offered to the customer by LingoNorden AB, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The customer is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions once he or she has accepted the quotation or has received an order confirmation including reference to the terms and conditions.

2. Services

2.1 Agreement

An agreement for the assignment is entered into by the customer accepting the quotation in writing or placing a written order. The quotation or the written order confirmation includes the price, the delivery time, the delivery format and a description of the documentation required in order to carry out the assignment. Verbal quotations are only intended as a guide, and are not binding.

2.2 Requirements

The customer provides LingoNorden AB, at no cost, with the documentation required in order to carry out the assignment. This documentation consists of the source material for translation, and may also consist of reference materials, glossaries, translation memories and software. The customer accepts responsibility for the content of the documentation and for all necessary licensing agreements being in place.

If the customer does not supply the documentation at the agreed time or to the agreed scope:

-LingoNorden shall inform the customer of this

-the delivery time may be extended or an express charge may be applied

-financial compensation may be due from the customer as a result of the delay

-LingoNorden is entitled to terminate the assignment if the delay is significant, and to receive compensation for work carried out or costs for resources booked.

2.3. Price

Value added tax is not included in prices. The terms of payment are 20 days unless otherwise agreed. Advance invoicing or part-invoicing may be applied if specifically agreed.

2.3 Delivery

The time of delivery will be agreed for each assignment. If LingoNorden AB discovers that the service cannot be delivered on time, the customer shall be notified immediately.

2.4. Errors and deficiencies in the service

The customer is responsible for reviewing the materials delivered. The customer shall give notice of errors or deficiencies in the service without delay, but no later than within four (4) weeks of delivery. Correcting errors or deficiencies after four (4) weeks will be charged for. LingoNorden AB will correct the error without cost as soon as possible, unless the error or deficiency in the service is due to deficient documentation or other circumstances that are due to the customer, and unless the error is of minor significance.

2.5. Termination by the customer

If the customer terminates an assignment early, the customer shall pay LingoNorden for work carried out and for costs relating to booked resources.

3. Confidentiality

Confidential documents – whether in electronic or paper format – to which LingoNorden obtains access during the assignment will be treated as confidential information, and may only be issued to employees at LingoNorden and consultants engaged by LingoNorden, all of whom have signed declarations of secrecy.

4. Limitation of liability

Customers or third parties are not entitled to compensation for any drop in production, loss of earnings, indirect loss or similar as a result of a delay or error in the delivery. The maximum amount for which LingoNorden is liable is the order value of the assignment.

A translation is more or less a literal transfer of written material from one language to another. A translation is not therefore comparable with copywriting or local adaptation of materials.

A translation reflects the linguistic and typographical quality of the original text. LingoNorden is not responsible for making improvements in the translation.

In the event that industry- or company-specific terminology is required for an accurate translation, LingoNorden cannot be assumed to possess such knowledge. In such cases, the customer is responsible for providing LingoNorden with glossaries or other support for the translation.

5. Force majeure

LingoNorden AB is not liable for losses if delivery is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances outside LingoNorden’s control, such as illness, fire, natural disaster, strike, war, insurrection, the actions of a public authority, or problems relating to energy supply or telecommunications. LingoNorden will notify the customer without delay if unforeseen circumstances arise, and both the customer and LingoNorden are entitled to terminate the assignment.

6. Disputes

These general terms of delivery shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Any disputes relating to agreements or assignments between the customer and LingoNorden shall be resolved by a Swedish court of law.